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Random connection

The challenge

Two words are picked up randomly: "marker" and "abortion". How can they be related? It can be use any kind of support.


As the main goal is to connect "marker" and "abortion", this relationship could be found by exploring concepts individually and matching its common attributes globaly. After a deeply observation, I discovered:

It has its own ink-source, a tip made of porous, pressed fibers such as felt, a core of an absorbent material and a cap to prevent the marker from drying out. So, not only can we draw with it, but we can take advantage of its ink, color, water.

1. The deliberate termination of a pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks. / 2. An object or undertaking that is unpleasant or badly made or carried out. Synonyms: termination, miscarriage, interruption, blood, cells, liquid.


An explicative video about the abortion process disassembling a marker and using its components.

We have seen that a marker are composed with multiple elements, being the ink the most important one. During my investigation process I discovered that if I throw water on its bottom with the marker situated vertically makes that it drips. Then, I dropped the ink on a transparent metacrilate surface and a strange drop appear. It resembled something but in an abstract way. It was not until I slightly raise this plastic that I realised that its reflect on the table seemed a cell.

My investigation: A disassembled pen.
My investigation: TV with no signal. Interesting movement.
Marker composition simulating the TV colorful waves.
Referent: hand in the shadow
Referent: a pregnant woman
Material used for the Random connection project video.
Experimental process applied on the Random connection video.

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