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problems don’t scare me, I assure you.

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pushing the boundaries is my challenge.

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when I’m not designing I’m drawing.

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I’m Gina Pont. I design and I love it.

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I built this website: design, copy and front end.

The Artist

is an active painter in Germany and his work is focused on the dissolution of the boundaries. His work revoke the traditional notion of the picture through fractures or extensions.

The challenge

On the occasion of my exhibition I need: the conceptualization and design of a contemporary art catalogue of my work.


Global vs Detail, Group vs Individual, earthy, traditional, simple, white walls.


An artist catalogue.

Primary colors are B&W because the artist defends the tonal reduction and simplicity. The primary typography is serif because is elegant and provide a high readability. It will be used a granulated paper imiting the wall texture and the images will be displayed playing with the connection and perspective.

Artist catalogue content page.
Artist catalogue intro work.
Artist catalogue work.

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