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problems don’t scare me, I assure you.

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I’m Gina Pont. I design and I love it.

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I built this website: design, copy and front end.

Glass +Plus

is an international company dedicated to the reparation, protection, treatment and maintenance of glass in exterior facades and particular properties.

The challenge

We need a redesign of our website, more modern and functional. And it should be responsive.


Problems, inform, demonstrate, text, images and videos, proximity, experiencie, efficiency.


Website redesign, corporate identity and proposal of a new way of communication.

The redesign will be farther than a simple visual change, although initially it was the client request. Instead, we will rewrite the old content to make it more understandable. In this way, demonstrative videos, images, specific and well-structured text will make the website more communicative.

Launch website →

Beoplay referent
Zumtobel referent
Beoplay referent
Axiomretail referent
Descriptive image: Reparation of facades, particular house.
Descriptive image: Anti-reflection
Glass +Plus logo I had to redesign. Old Glass +Plus logo.
Glass +Plus icons for the web.
New web Glass +Plus on tablets.
New web Glass +Plus on mobile.

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