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I built this website: design, copy and front end.


is a new brand of wetsuits aimed at empowering ambitious women of all ages, that enjoy practicing sports and feeling beautiful at the same time.

The challenge

After two years in the market, Wetsweets suggests a brand repositioning: to be more exclusive.


He | She. Ephemeral stand | Shop. Alone | Influencers (social media). Lifestyle, exclusive brand, colorful, elegant, sport, fun.


Promote Wetsweets as a lifestyle.

When Wetsweets was born its main goal was to reach the maximum target audience. And bearing in mind that it had a low and limited budged, it worked the previous two years. However, we realised that the brand is much more that it seems: the fabric is made in Barcelona and is both sustainable and technical. Another fact is that the suit patterns are modern and elegant. And we must not forget that it was born in a world where, until then, it had never been straightforward to find a colorful suit designed especially for girls. So, let's highlight these strengths. How?:

The product will be sold as an exclusive and unique wetsuit for all kind of sports, as a lifestyle. It will be suited by women who feel fit and jovial, without limits.

Professional models, pictures of them practicing sport: surf, boxing, running, sailing..., using a serif typeface, modern and elegant. The blank spaces will be present in the new website and the pictures will be placed in a large size, they must sell.

Descriptive image: lifestyle.
Descriptive image: boxing
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