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I built this website: design, copy and front end.

Catalunya Telecom

is a catalan national operator. In 2020, it resumes the activity meeting the needs and demands of catalan society, which arise as a result of the pandemic.

Teammates: Maria Pleguezuelos (Copy) and me (Art Direction).

The challenge

Highlight aspects of the brand that helps to have a relevant and different positioning in the market.


As the vast majority of companies, their offer is still based on functional profit.


We reached the creative concept: “La fibra amb D.O.” because there is no small town. The telecom brand that connects small communities and boosts them.

1. We create awareness around the brand, promoting it to give it more visibility.

2. Boost the proposal, not only from social networks, but also from a firm commitment.

3. Generate a greater emotional bond with the brand, due to its added value, minimizing the importance of price in the decision.

Redesign of the Catalunya Telecom sim and router.
Redesign of business cards and editorial supports of Catalunya Telecom.
Content for Catalunya Telecom's social media.

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