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I built this website: design, copy and front end.

Som Connexió

is a conscious telephony, non-profit and internet cooperative that takes into account people and the planet. It was born to transform an unfair and unsustainable model. Launch the Brand Book 📖

The challenge

Make brand values ​​known, connect with relevant insights that help us increase interest.


It is the first ethical and fair telephone cooperative, but the public is unaware of its principles.


A complete brandbook that explains the way Som Connexió communicates.

The messages will be transmitted in dialogues between Som Connexió (in 1st person singular) and clients (in 3rd person plural).

The illustrations will be created conscientiously, following the principles of the cooperative: avoiding stereotypes.

Brand book of Som Connexio: the cover.
Brand book of Som Connexio: verbal communication section.
Brand book of Som Connexio: visual communication section.
Redesign of the Som Connexio sim.
The postcard and the sim of Som Connexió.

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