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I built this website: design, copy and front end.


is the ACS Group company dedicated to providing all kinds of environmental services to City Councils, Municipalities and other institutions.

The challenge

We need to rethink Urbaser's space to make the installations vs necessities of the workers as effective as possible.


Where are you heading to?
What do you see? Why did you see it?
What did you do with the information?


Creation of the space signage, relocation of spaces, humanize and formalize the human area.

The employees are street cleaners and have a strict work schedule, there are a lot of streets to be cleaned and one delay is enough to cause an incoordination of the whole team. For this reason, is really important the clarity of the space and in this aspect signage will help it. Studying the employees flow leads us to conclude that not only the integration of this signage has to be clear and setted in strategic points, but also some spaces have to be relocated: the creation of a square will be the central meeting point for the workers.

Ipad Urbaser installation
Wayfinding signage – Urbaser
Rethinking the installations – Plan Urbaser
Space functionalities – Urbaser
Circulation flow – Urbaser

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