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problems don’t scare me, I assure you.

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pushing the boundaries is my challenge.

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when I’m not designing I’m drawing.

about me

I’m Gina Pont. I design and I love it.

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I built this website: design, copy and front end.

When I'm not designing,

I’m probably drawing. Here, on behance and instagram there’re a few of my sketches over the past couple of years. Notice I never use the rubber. And the visible mistakes? I learn from them.

La plaça del Raspall sketch – Gràcia, Barcelona – in rotring and watercolors

La plaça del Raspall (Gràcia, Barcelona) · rotring and watercolors

MACBA Barcelona sketch in rotring and watercolors.

MACBA (El Raval, Barcelona) · rotring and watercolors

Garden house sketch – Cabrils – in rotring and watercolors.

Garden house (Cabrils) · rotring and watercolors

Christmas postcard sketch in rotring and watercolors.

Christmas postcard · rotring and watercolors

Car pentel microsketch.

Car · pentel microsketch

Plaça del Regomir – Barcelona – In rotring and watercolors.

Plaça del Regomir (Gothic quarter, Barcelona) · rotring and watercolors

La Pedrera – Barcelona – microsketch in rotring and pencils.

La Pedrera (Eixample, Barcelona) · rotring and pencils

Eager to know more? Say hi at linkedin or pont.gina@gmail.com