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I’m Gina Pont. I design and I love it.

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I built this website: design, copy and front end.

Palau Alòs

is a youth center of Barcelona. Palau Alòs aims to help families with few resources and unfavorable conditions.

The challenge

How can we encourage young people with broken families to overcome their lack of relationship and self confidence? Is the lack of money a problem?.


Problems, opportunities, motivation!, emphathy, values, youth, more motivation!, few resources.


The launch of "Envincla't campaign". This campaign will offer the young people the opportunity to travel for free.

How? The participants will have to choose between different activities (storytelling, theatre, bakery and rotoscope) and they will be taught in Palau Alòs. Every month, the products make it during the sessions will be sold or exhibited by the participants to gain enough money to make a trip together!. Doing activities together will strengthen the relationship and self-confidence and make them forget their problematic conditions.

Welcome bag Envincla't – Palau Alòs.
Promotional flyer Envincla't – Palau Alòs.
Website Envincla't campaign – Palau Alòs.

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